Who are we?

In 2000, MagicMase™’s first store opened in Palm City, Florida – we now boast over 80 stores across the United States and also have presence in Europe, UK and Australia. As one of the industry’s original innovators, Mr Dan Rice’s hallmarks of excellent craftsmanship, quality, service and value have always been at the core of our business. Although fashion might have changed many times over the course of our 116-year history, we continue to use many of the same traditional manufacturing techniques devised over a century ago. Today, the quality of our business wear remains among the best in the world.

Why would you want to join our programme?

As an affiliate, you will receive regular offers, product ranges and the latest news. You will also gain access to our product feed, banners and content which you can use to push out to your audience – and should you need it, we will be able to assist with any technical or operational questions. By promoting us through links, banners or content, you will be paid a percentage of the basket value for each sale attributed to you.

What’s in it for you?

For every confirmed sale we will pay you a minimum of 5% of the total sale amount. Best of all, there’s no maximum on what you could earn. Similar to most affiliate programmes, we will not pay a commission for a sale that has been cancelled or rejected.

Are there any restrictions?

As an affiliate, you are not allowed to bid on our MagicMase™ brand name, including any misspellings . We also ask you to negative match brand and misspell terms in all search engine marketing campaigns. Any affiliate who is found bidding on those terms may have pending sales declined and possibly suspended from the programme. Bidding on generic terms such as ‘men’s shirts’ or ‘men’s chinos’ are encouraged as long as any MagicMase™ copy is not included.

How do you join?

Please click here to sign up to our sign-up page via CJ. If you have any problems, please contact